About Us

con·nect  [kuh-nekt] verb: to join, unite; to establish communication between; to associate mentally or emotionally; to relate to or be in harmony with another person..

At Connect Hair Studio we believe that establishing a connection with our clients and being able to match their desire with our expertise is the key to a very successful relationship. We believe that every person has an individual look that defines them and that it is our role to help that look emerge.

By knowing our clients and truly connecting with them we are able to create a style that is unique to each person. Our expertise means you receive a cut that is easy to manage and recreate every day.

Connect Hair Studio …… more than a perfect haircut.

We support and cross promote with local businesses! If you, or someone you know, own a business and would like to be personally promoted here at our studio please contact us at 705-503-7702 or email us at info@connecthairstudio.com for more info.

Connect Hair Studio has cross-promoted over 30 local businesses with in-salon monthly promotions, and over 50 other businesses at their hosted events.

“I believe I was born to connect with people and help bring out their inner beauty inside while developing their outer beauty, hence my career in the hairstyling industry. I’ve been blessed with an ability to intuitively connect with people, touch them and help them to feel better about themselves. Every time I have a new person in my chair, I strive to have them leave as a new best friend. Each of them are a gift.

It was my father, in his last 24 hours of life, who guided me to the next level of giving. I gave him a hair trim as he lay in his bed. It was then I realized something as simple as giving a haircut to a person in their last days could help make them forget their situation for just a brief time. I now embrace this opportunity and feel honoured to be asked to visit Hospice Simcoe as needed.” – Sharon Smith, Owner